Orthomolecular nutrition

WHAT’S THAT? This complicated word comes from ortho – which means “correct or ritght” and molecule. This discipline tries to give the right molecule to improve a health problem. We know that the body has the ability to heal itself, the point is not giving the things that hurt him and give him those things that nourish him. Orthomolecular nutrition has been studying the biochemistry of the body for years to find out which molecules the body uses to cure itself and this will be the right molecule!

WHERE THE BODY FOUNDS THE MOLECULES TO CURE HIMSELF? In our food. Thus Orhtomolecular Nutrition uses nutrients in food, plus nutrients in supplements (vitamines, minerals, fatty acids…) to recover health.

IS THIS A MEDICAL TREATMENT? It would not be properly a medical treatment, it doesn’t treat diseases, nor does uses drugs. But it does recover nutritional balance, improving in many cases some diseases that the person suffers.

HOW IS A VISIT? In our first visit we ask about eating habits, life, intestinal behavior, emotional status and everything that is considered important for having a good health. Treatment usually begins with a detoxification of the organism and, later, we instated a personalized treatment

FOR WHOM IS INDICATED? Health is not only the absence of disease. We see many people who do not suffer from any specific health problem but live in a permanent state of toxicity or malnutrition of some essential vitamins and minerals. We could say that orthomolecular nutrition is indicated to everyone who, in a preventive way, wants to know how he/she is and rebalance its metabolism. But even more indicated for anyone suffering from any of the following conditions:

  • Digestive disorders,
  • Hormonal imbalances,
  • Metabolic disorders (cholesterol, sugar, uric acid …)
  • Excess histamine (asthma, allergy, dermatitis, migraines …),
  • Mood disorders (depressive mood, nervousness, insomnia …)

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