Colon Hydrotherapy

As you know, our physical and emotional health, begins with a healthy gut.

Unhealthy food, stress, constipation… it causes the remains of feces to stick to the intestinal folds, accumulating progressively and end up “taping” the colon preventing its functioning, worsening the intestinal flora, lowering the defenses and increasing toxins within the body.

It would be comparable with what happens in the pipes of your house when a lime accumulation occurs. If the tap works when the pipes are partially sealed, the water goes out but with less strength and worse quality, until it becomes less potable. In this case, you don’t hesitate to call the plumber to make a cleaning. The same thing happens in your intestines.

Autopsy specialists claim that between 60-70% of the large intestines studied contain stool material that is as hard as stones and they were there for decades!

We could say that colon hydrotherapy is a sophisticated enema, but it goes much further, it is a much more complex treatment.

A colon hydrotherapy session consists in the smooth infusion of filtered and purified water in the colon, via anus and rectum. The instantaneous filling and clearing system automatically helps to dissolve all deposits attached to the colon. The discharge with the residual fecal passes through a transparent tube that allows the specialized personnel to realize the observations and the diagnosis.

A session lasts 35 to 45 minutes and, to achieve a profound effect, it is recommended to perform 3-5 sessions. The first session manages to clean the residual material impacted for a long time, relieves flatulence and shows a great improvement in the symptoms, but it is from the second and third when deep colon cleansing is achieved and the long-term therapeutic effect.

Colon hydrotherapy is completely hygienic, painless and odorless and excludes any unpleasant phenomenon. The maximum discomforts are usually the feeling of gentle pressure of the water filling the colon or a certain flatulence. Despite the reluctance that this technique can awaken us, it is not more risky than rinsing or making gargles. The intestinal flora is not harmed, on the contrary, this improves remarkably

The antecedents of colon hydrotherapy are found in texts written in papyri in ancient Egypt. Later it has been widely used in European spas. Today, the United States continues to be a leader in this type of therapy, and in Europe it is often used in countries such as England, Germany or Switzerland.

Who is it for?

  • Constipation
  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Weakness / flaccidity of the colon
  • Abundance of gases and flatulence
  • Irritable colon
  • Obesity and overweight
  • Chronic inflammatory diseases
  • Metabolic diseases
  • Skin problems
  • Allergies in general
  • Menstrual problems
  • Stress, insomnia, anxiety …
  • Circulatory problems, venous-lymphatic insufficiency
  • Prevention of aging
  • Preparation for the accomplishment of colonoscopy and some surgical treatments.

It’s very clear and simple: Taking care of your colon and maintaining it clean and “ecological” you’re taking care of your digestive, physical and mental health.

According to WHO, 80% of cancers and metabolic diseases can be prevented with adequate nutrition that entails healthy digestion, do you sign up?


1ª sessió hidroteràpia

PREU : 120 €

A partir de la segona hidroteràpia

PREU : 105 €

Paquet de 3 sessions de hidroteràpia

PREU : 280 €

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