About me


My name is Mònica Albertí Corominas, I’m pharmacist but I prefer to define



My vocation is to profoundly know how the human body works to be able to guide
those who need it in their path of health. I enjoy studying and I love traveling, I have
joined these 2 passions and I have been around the world for more than 20 years
learning different types of medicine.



After learning many ancient techniques and medicines and realizing that I could not
master them all, I decided wich would be my routemap.

What convinced me the most is orthomolecular medicine, and with this tool, following
the path of clinical psychoneuroendocrinology, I am developing my professional



More than 15 years ago I opened my health center Mundo Natura in Platja d’Aro and here is where I combine my activity in consultation with talks and courses, both aimed at the general public and for health professionals.

After seeing thousands of patients, I came to the conclusion that DISEASE BEGINS IN THE GUT. That is why in recent years I have focused my activity on DIGESTIVE HEALTH and the, more and more famous, INTESTINAL MICROBIOTA



  • Màster en Microbiota Humana. Universitat CEU Cardenal Herrera. 2019-20
  • Curs d’especialització en obesitat. Instituto de Ciencias de Nutrición y Salud. 2018
  • Ponent en cursos i xerrades sobre alimentació i medicina ortomolecular. Espanya i Mèxic. 2011-2018
  • Postgrau en PNI clínica. Natura Foundation. 2010-11
  • Expert Universitari en Medicina Antienvelliment. Universitat de Sevilla. 2008-09
  • Màster en Nutrició Ortomolecular. Association Française de Médicine Orthomoléculaire. 2007-09
  • Curso de Postgrado en Medicina Tradicional China. Instituto Superior de Ciencias Médicas “Carlos J. Finlay” (Cuba). 2004
  • Curso de Diplomado en Medicina Natural. Sociedad Iberoamericana para la Medicina y el Estilo de Vida (Mèxic). 2003
  • Curso de Postgrado de Medicina Tradicional y Natural. Instituto Superior de Ciéncias Médicas “Carlos J. Finlay” (Cuba).2002
  • Curso de Nutrición Natural y Programa de Residencia de Medicina Natural Villa de Vida Natural “Manuel Lezaeta Acharán” (Xile). 2001
  • Postgrau en Medicina Naturista. Palau de les Heures. Universitat de Barcelona 1998-2000
  • Llicenciatura en Farmàcia. Universitat de Barcelona. 1997







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