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Orthomolecular nutrition WHAT’S THAT? This complicated word comes from ortho – which means “correct or ritght” and molecule. This discipline tries to give the right molecule to improve a health problem. We know that the body has the ability to heal itself, the point is not giving the things that hurt him and give him those things that nourish him. ...
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Colon Hydrotherapy As you know, our physical and emotional health, begins with a healthy gut. Unhealthy food, stress, constipation… it causes the remains of feces to stick to the intestinal folds, accumulating progressively and end up “taping” the colon preventing its functioning, worsening the intestinal flora, lowering the defenses and increasing toxins within the body. It would ...
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Relaxings RELAX TOTAL (50’) i (110’): El nostre massatge relaxant més demanat. Deixa que el món segueixi girant mentre tu et desconnectes. MASSATGE AMB AROMATERÀPIA O AMB FLORS DE BACH (50’): Els olis essencials i/o les flors de Bach li donen un plus d’eficàcia a aquest massatge de cos sencer. BONA NIT: Un massatge fort i ...
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Therapeutics DESCONTRACTURANT (50′) i (90′): Massatge d’esquena i cames, emfatitzant en zones amb sobrecàrrega o dolor. STRETCHING (50’): Realitzem estiraments i mobilitzacions articulars alhora que et fem també massatge muscular. REFLEXOTERÀPIA PODAL (25’) i (50’): Als peus hi tenim un mapa de tot el cos que podem treballar suaument mitjançant massatge per a millorar tots els ...
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Facials BASICS: Basic hygiene, Hydration and Oxygen treatments. SPECIFIC TREATMENTS: Sensitive Skin, Oily and Acne Skin ANTIAGING: Biocellular Regenerator, Hyaluronic Lifting Shock,  Multivitamins mature skin or Contour Eyes and Lips [:]

Body treatments PEELINGS: Peeling and hydration, peeling and hydration+massage, detox peeling, peeling detox+massage SILHOUETTE: Reduction, anti-cellulite and firming treatments. RITUALS: Queen Cleopatra, Beauty and Glow [:]


Courses and talks on Food-Digestive Health

These are the courses and talks on Food-Digestive Health we offer

NATURAL FOOD COURSE Annual course organized by the Vicenç Bou Civic Center and the Platja d’Aro Town Hall from 2012. Theoretical part where you’ll learn the basics of healthy nutrition and practical part where you’ll learn how to cook delicious recipes without meat. Programa: Presentació: Què és menjar, alimentar-se i nodrir-se. Aliments amb alta vitalitat i baixa vitalitat. ...
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BEACH-BODY PLAN and DETOX PLAN They are initiatives proposed from a psycho-nutrition focus that aim to help all men and women who have been proposed to achieve a healthier weight, learning to eat better and manage the “emotional appetite” Weekly group sessions, guidance is given and the guidelines for the week are set. Conducted by: Anna Agustí Valls (psychologist) and ...
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Programs and Promotions


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Mònica Albertí Corominas

After graduating in pharmacy I came to understand that health can only come from a more natural medicine that is very aware of what we eat and our emotions. My last passion is the intestines and their relationship to health and illness.

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